Our EquipmentAt IETG we utilise the latest technology available to the market to undertake river survey work. IETG used the SonTek-RS5 - the world’s most compact and robust ADCP for collecting river, stream, and canal discharge data.

The following features are available from the SonTek RS5;

Vertical Acoustic Beam: Superior channel definition for the most accurate cross-sectional area for discharge applications. Measures the depth directly under the system and extends maximum discharge depth if bottom-tracking is out of range. 360º compass and two-axis tilt sensor

SmartPulse+®: An intelligent algorithm utilizing Pulse-coherent and Broadband acoustic profiling that automatically adjusts based on conditions—reliable bottom tracking and velocity profiling in water depths shallower than ever. Visualize velocity data like never before with cell sizes down to 2.5 cm.

360º compass and two-axis tilt sensor: Reports vessel heading and magnetic error and compensates for motion due to surface conditions. The tilt sensor uses pitch and roll to correct depth and velocities.

RTK GPS: Ultra-precise positioning as an alternative to bottom tracking in moving beds or other difficult situations. Geolocate each sample (or ensemble) during measurement. Corrections are sent from the SonTek RTK base station or a local NTRIP.

DGNSS (Option): Integrated DGNSS smart antenna for position as a backup or alternative to bottom tracking in moving bed or other challenging conditions.

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IETG now offers the smallest ADCP on the market for water quality professionals. The RS5 & RQPOD platform is a small and lightweight device capable of collecting data from areas which would usually be inaccessible for manual readings.

The RSQ has two configurations for deployment:

  • The RS5 Acoustic Doppler & GPS
  • EXO2 multiparameter sonde & GPS

The RS5 is a compact ADCP capturing depth and velocity data from rivers, stream & canals. The RS5 is accurate up to 6m and will use its vertical acoustic doppler to identify channel definition and produce accurate cross-sectional area.

The RQPOD can also be fitted out with an Xylem EXO’2 multiparameter sonde with a range of different sensor suits to identify mixing zones at outfalls, CSO’s or pollution events.

Site selection is one of the main drivers for a successful and accurate data set. We will always ensure that the best possible location is chosen based on the following:

  • Smooth uniform flow conditions / minimal turbulence / eddies
  • Assess any possible impacts from tributaries
  • Hydraulic requirements
  • Even distribution of velocity considering a 5-10 channel width clearance both up and downstream
  • Safe access to site
  • Avoiding any obstructions such as Bridge supports or bends in the river
  • Avoiding any magnetic fields which could interfere with the data set. The RSQ software has an indicator build into the software to identify if any fields are detected

Velocity Profiling

Profiling Range 0.1 – 6.0m(*1)

Velocity Range +/- 5m/s

Accuracy 1% +/-0.002 m/s

Depth Measurements

Depth Range 0.1 – 6.5m (*1)

Accuracy 1% +/- 0.005m


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