Client requirements

In January 2021 IETG was awarded a project by Binnies to carry out a series of water quality surveys in the Thames Water region. 

The project involved river water quality monitoring using sondes, auto sampling, river flow monitoring and spot sampling, and was part of The Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP). 

WINEP is a set of actions that the Environment Agency has asked all water companies operating in England to complete between 2020 and 2025 in order to contribute towards meeting their environmental obligations. 


IETG Solution

IETG collected data from seven river catchments in the Thames water region; Roding Valley, Burstow, River Kennett, Fleet Pond, Frensham, Oxford and Lower Lee.

In total, we installed 6 YSI multiparameter sondes and 63 river flow monitors, to capture the depth, velocity and flow.

The sondes measured the following parameters;

  • Conductivity & Temperature
  • Ammonia
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • pH

Both the sonde station and river flow data was collected daily, and uploaded to an online platform, using remote telemetry, to give our clients access the data in real time.

This project also involved an intensive grab sample programme, requiring careful operational planning, and close working with a specialist laboratory service who carried out analysis of the river water samples.


The Results

Over 1,000 grab samples taken over a 3 month period! Plus quality sonde and river flow monitoring data delivered quickly to Binnies and Thames Water.

Importantly, the data we delivered ensures that Thames Water meets the requirements by WINEP for necessary environmental checks.

Matthew Edwards
Project Manager - Water Quality
t: 01132 019700 | e: medwards@ietg.co.uk
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