Northumbrian Water Appoint IETG on WQ Framework

IETG Ltd (A Socotec Company) is pleased to announce that Northumbrian Water (NWL) has awarded IETG Lot 1 of their water quality management framework.

The work is linked to NWLs commitment to implement water quality monitoring at storm overflow locations.

“We are really excited to be involved with this project,” commented James Teale, IETG’s Commercial Manager “IETG has been developing its own Water Quality monitoring kiosk over the last 12 months and we can’t wait to get these devices installed and support NWL with this work. We will deploying our own ‘AquaHawk’ pumped kiosk and suitcase solution along with the latest sonde technology.”

Matthew Edwards, IETG’s Water Quality Project Manager said “We’ve already started to make good progress on this project. I’m looking forward to getting this project up and running and delivering valuable data for NWL.”

The framework will involve inspecting, installing and maintain river water quality pumped kiosks/suitcases containing multi-parameter sondes. IETG have many years experience in this area having previously carried out similar work for Yorkshire Water, United utilities, Severn Trent Water, Southern Water and Thames Water. 

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