FROG RX is an rugged IP68 field telemetry device with a difference – designed for hydrometrists by hydrometrists for rapid deployment at minimum cost. The device can be easily installed inside 100mm tubes, strapped onto poles/piezometers or fitted inside ground-level meter-boxes with no other secondary enclosure required. FROG RX is ideal as a low cost outstation for generating alarms for heavy rainfall, river/urban flooding, borehole level or water quality/pollution alerts.

  • River & tidal level/quality
  • Reservoir & lake level/quality
  • Borehole level & quality
  • Open channel flow
  • Water supply pressure/ flow
  • Flood warning
  • Rainfall intensity alarms
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Mini-weather station (SDI12)
  • Water quality probes (SDI12)
  • Pollution warning

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