HawkEye Lite ATEX Certified Low-Cost Level MonitorLevel Monitor & Alarm System

HawkEye Lite now incorporates the experience of monitoring thousands of sewer sites as well as valuable feedback from our clients. Our latest ‘Lite’ model is now available through IETG as a fully integrated brand new monitoring system. When you choose the HawkEye Lite and IETG you have peace of mind that you are partnering with experts in sewer, river and CSO level monitoring with over 25 years of industry-related experience and skills.

HawkEye lite


Main features

HawkEye Lite is designed specifically for monitoring the early detection of blockages in sewers so action can be taken to prevent pollution events before they happen. The ‘Lite’ performs in both sewer networks and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) and is suitable for water and sewerage networks worldwide. Through a process of continuous improvement, HAWKEYE has developed to provide a fully integrated sewer level monitoring solution. When a unit detects an incident it automatically sends an alarm to the client’s system via NB-IoT, CAT-M1, 2G, GPRS or Lower power Wi-Fi to enable rapid resolution. Alarms can be received via email or SMS.
HawkEye Lite can be programmed to interface with most communication protocols.

The HawkEye Lite Low-Cost level monitor is a radar-based, easy fit, level sensor designed to be a versatile multi-application solution. This rugged and compact monitor featuring long term
battery life and simple communications has typical uses such as level monitoring in water and wastewater applications.
  • Intrinsic Safety Certification – ATEX and IECEx
  • Custom designed enclosure, double layer IP68 protection
  • Dual Channel Logging, 2 inputs + 1 output
  • Wider choice of sensors- Industry standard I/O, Analogue and Digital Sensor interface options
  • Integrated antenna for below ground use, external antennas available
  • Extended battery life via internal and external battery pack options
  • Fully featured DNP3 communications protocol
  • GPRS / CSD wireless modem capability
  • External Status LED, Power On/off and Dial-out buttons
  • Device Trigger port (Sampler / CSO Camera / Screen Cleaner)

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