ADS ECHOAdvanced Level Monitoring Solution

Now available from IETG  across the UK and Europe is the ECHO. The ADS® ECHO™ monitor provides water companies with an economical level monitoring solution providing early warning of preventable blockages; such as fats, oils, and greases (FOG); root intrusion; silt/sediment; and debris. The ECHO advances water and wastewater monitoring with higher levels of performance, a wider range of applications and lower acquisition and operating costs. Its patented, narrow-beam ultrasonic sensor provides users with up to 8.4 meters of manhole depth visibility (2.4m above the sensor and 6m below the sensor).  The ECHO delivers consistent, quality data that is used for critical engineering, operations and maintenance applications.



Main features

For reliable connectivity, the ECHO now features communication via the LTE-M network which is designed and optimised for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Finally, to make informed decisions the ECHO’s cloud-based software and advanced analytics platform provides fast, easy access and exceptional insights into the sewer network’s behaviour.

For hydraulic modeling, the ECHO captures remote site data in a cost-efficient manner, enabling wider deployment of sensors that can continuously feed and update hydraulic models.

For efficient sewer cleaning, the ECHO enables water companies to employ the latest cleaning practices. Continuous remote monitoring with advanced visibility assures that cleaning is performed only when needed.

For lift/pump station back-up, the ECHO adds redundancy for monitoring critical wastewater pump stations, eliminating power outages and pump concerns.

For obtaining CSO (Combined Sewer Overflows) data and reporting, the ECHO makes CSO reporting easier with automated data capture and reporting tools

System dual-measurement sensor (ultrasonic and pressure), tilt alarm for sensor alignment, battery powered, wireless communication
Software PRISM, cloud-based with data storage, dashboard, analytics and reports
Modem universal for all SIM cards
Communications LTE-M, 3G/4G / Worldwide MODEM
Battery Life 2-years (average)
Submersible meets IP68
Manufacturing Standard ISO-9001
Intrinsically Safe CE, CSA, ATEX and IECEx certifications
Multiple intrinsic safety certifications set the ADS ECHO apart with an intense focus on safety

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