Client requirements

In October 2022 IETG were awarded a project by Southern Water, to carry out ‘in-sewer’ temperature logging.  The aim of the project was to sample and record the sewer temperatures in key locations, to determine potential infiltration into the sewer network.

All water companies are assessing the effectiveness and benefit of relining and infiltration reduction plans. Most would like to see wetlands or treatment options rather than spending millions on tankering and/or sewer rehab.

Southern Water selected 24 important sites in which they will monitor the sewer flow temperatures over a period of 3 years, as part of a programme to seal everything including public sewers, private laterals, and manholes. The temperature sensors will be a way to measure the effectiveness of this sealing programme as well as target any future rehab. So in summary, these sensors will change asset management plans, WINEP and regulation in the future.


IETG Solution

IETG developed and deployed its highly accurate HawkEye Lite Temperature Logger and sensors into the network. The loggers record the sewer temperature every 5-minutes and transmit the data daily to a cloud-based web platform, where Southern Water can see the live data.


The Results

IETG were able to provide Southern Water with a low-cost ‘in sewer’ temperature logger that had a battery lifespan of over 5 years. All sites that were installed are checking into IETG’s bespoke portal and are providing Southern Water with accurate, reliable data, and will continue to do so for the remainder of the 3 year project.

Katie Harrison
Project Manager - Flow Survey
t: 07810 512309 | e: kharrison@ietg.co.uk
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