Client requirements

IETG were awarded the Water Quality and River Monitoring framework for the whole of AMP6 by Yorkshire Water. The project involved collection of various water quality parameters at key locations to monitor the impact of the sewerage network on a number of watercourses.

It was vital that Environment Agency key performance indicators were met, and IETG worked closely with Yorkshire Water and its partners, Stantec and JBA Consultants to successfully complete the project.


IETG Solution

IETG installed and maintained 42 telemetered water quality sondes, 29 telemetered river flow monitors, 15 refrigerated auto samplers and 20 telemetered raingauges. Pre-survey river walks ensured the best possible sites were chosen, taking into account safety, suitability and client requirements.

IETG used the latest YSI  equipment to monitor water quality parameters. A combination of YSI 6920 V2 and EXO 3 sondes were deployed with data being transmitted to our online hosting platform on a daily basis.

All sensors were visited, checked and calibrated at regular intervals by a dedicated water quality field team to ensure high quality data was returned. All samplers were triggered remotely to reduce the cost of manual activation.

Field activities were supported by our in-house data analysts and workshop, and Xylem (UK distributors of the YSI Sondes).


The Results

During the 12 month survey period a total of 3480 samples were successfully collected using our refrigerated auto-samplers and delivered to the YWS approved labs. This work was managed by a dedicated water quality field and data team, supported by our in-house workshop and Xylem (UK distributors of the YSI Sondes).

Results were so impressive, and the client so pleased with IETG’s performance, that in late 2018 we were awarded the Water Quality work that was proposed for AMP7 to enable YWS to meet their regulatory timescales.

Matthew Edwards
Project Manager - Water Quality
t: 01132 019700 | e: medwards@ietg.co.uk
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“IETG performed a key role in ensuring that Yorkshire Water met it’s AMP 6 UPM Water Quality Regulatory Outputs. Their consistent and thorough processes combined with technical expertise and data handling capability helped to deliver the studies exactly as the scopes required.”
- Ed Thompson, Yorkshire Water Project Manager

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