Accusonic 7510 IS Flow Monitor

The Accusonic Model 7510 Flowmeter is designed for accurate, reliable flow measurement in pressurized pipes, open channels, and gravity-flow pipes flowing partially full through surcharged.

The 7510 Model provides multiple pipe/channel flow monitoring and can accommodate a total of 8 acoustic paths that may distributed among up to four (4) separate metering sections. The high flowrate measurement accuracy, flexible configurations, and reliable performance under challenging flow monitoring conditions has resulted in widespread use for the Model 7510 Flowmeter for wastewater and sewerage collection system applications.

When used for open-channel applications or in pipes/conduits flowing partially full, such as sewer pipes, the 7510 Model Flowmeter measures average flow velocity across the flow profile at the elevation of each acoustic path, and water level (stage) is also measured and tracked as part of the flowrate calculation. The measured data acquired from the acoustic paths that are submerged are used for flowrate determination, along with the stage measurement and the geometry of the pipe or channel to determine cross-section area of the flow.

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