HawkEye Lite Early flood warning system

HawkEye Lite is a low-cost solution to flood/pollution detection which alarms out allowing operational teams to react before pollution or flooding occurs.

HawkEye Lite


Main features

With over 70% of property flooding caused by blockages and little visibility of sewage once it’s in the network, most incidents are called in by the public AFTER there’s sewage in a river, their home or garden!

Strategically deployed, HawkEye Lite provides a low-cost solution to these problems by sending alarms before there’s an incident, giving time for operational teams to react before pollution occurs.

  • Designed to be a low-cost, simple, early warning system
  • Installed quickly and without confined space entry
  • Alarms are viewed on a traffic light mapping interface to pinpoint locations rapidly
  • Sends alerts to key staff by text and/or email
  • Simple design results in long battery life with little or no maintenance
  • Multiple antenna options to improve communications performance
  • Status report ‘call-ins’ monitored by our system
  • Mapping interface highlights sites which have failed to call in
HawkEye Lite sits quietly in place, coming into action only when it detects alarm conditions: simply put, it works like ‘a smoke alarm for sewers’. You wouldn’t want to be without a smoke alarm, would you?

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