Achilles UVDB – IETG Scores 100%

We are pleased to announce that we have recently undergone our 2021 Achilles Verify Audit and received 100% scores across the board!

Achilles Verify scores are used by many Blue-Chip companies, including several of our clients, to pre-select Companies for participation in their framework contracts: the audit scores are used to carry as part of their initial assessment of our suitability as a supplier. Excellent results help to reassure our clients that we are committed to the very highest standards of performance (as these are independently verified by Achilles).

Achilles Verify involves a rigorous three-day audit, where Companies performance is assessed in, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance, Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility. It involves scrutiny of both our Management System and Site Operations.

Managing Director, Ian Edwards, said “The scores are exceptional and a great reflection of the business and the Team behind it. These fantastic results are a testament to the importance we hold in our third-party accreditations and verification of our core Values, in that not only do we have robust processes and procedures in place, but our staff are onboard and are engaged with them, and the outcomes is a performance that exceeds expectations.’’

It is not easy to get 100% scores in every category, so this success is testament to the hard work and performance of the whole team and the effort they put in every day. Well done, everyone!

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