The Flowhawk system from IETG marks a new era in flow monitoring technology.

Using a combination of innovative design features and cutting-edge technologies, Flowhawk sets a new benchmark in water network management.


Flowhawk is designed specifically for use in water and waste water networks, where there is a flow monitoring requirement. The sole objective of the Flowhawk system is to radically reduce the frequency of site visits and the need for manual inspection of the meter.

The Technology

Flowhawk redefines flow monitoring best practice. This single-minded purpose is evident in every aspect of Flowhawk’s design. The new meter incorporates a number of key features which reduce the need for manual intervention:

1) Wireless data transmission (GPS/GPRS) ensures data is available on demand, remotely.

2) Innovative new measurement technologies.

3) Multiple measurement technologies working in tandem.

4) Improved digital signal processing.

5) ‘Future-proof’ monitoring architecture and communications protocol.

6) Robust hardware and build quality to ensure extended lifespan.

7) Efficient power management to ensure maximum battery endurance.

Client Benefits

The Flowhawk system has been met with unanimous approval across our client base.

The Health and Safety benefits of fewer confined space entries are self-evident. In addition, our clients have welcomed the reduced demands on their time to assist and liaise with routine manual inspections and data collection procedures.

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