About Us

IETG is a multi-disciplinary support services company operating within the water and waste water industries across the UK and globally.

We employ many industry experts and specialists, which enables us to provide our clients with solutions to suit the needs of their business, whilst offering them full advisory support.

Our Water Services business at IETG is built around three core divisions; CCTV and Drainage, Clean Water Services and Waste Water Services. Through the success of these divisions we are able to provide a complete range of network support services.

We also offer a range of leading-edge products that are designed to assist water companies in the management of their water distribution and sewerage networks, along with associated equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

IETG is a global leader in flow monitoring products and services supporting the growing water and wastewater markets from the U.K. IETG joined the IDEX Water & Wastewater Group in 2008 and is a division of ADS LLC. The expansion of our global partnerships with ADS and IDEX enables the continued enhancement of our market-based water and waste water platform.

IETG’s Managing Director, Stuart Learmonth stated, “We are excited to be a part of the IDEX Water & Wastewater Group. IDEX is a recognized leader in applied engineered solutions, with significant brand recognition in the water and wastewater markets. We will now have a global footprint, as well as the support for a broader technology platform, which will enable us to expand into new markets as well as enhance the support we offer existing customers in their efforts to comply with the ever increasing regulations which drive their business.”

With our acquisition of former joint venture company 40SEVEN, all surveying services are now carried out under this brand. 40SEVEN has been restructured to become the Surveying Services business and specialises in underground utility detection and mapping as well as topographical, building and gas hazard surveys.

We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and the requirements of their business. This enables us to develop bespoke solutions that fully support their asset inspection and maintenance programmes, delivering accurate results – all of the time.

We work closely with high profile clients and are recognised experts in each of the areas we operate.

The long-term relationships that we build up with our clients are based on trust, integrity and flexibility, developed through an understanding of each client’s challenges and helping to find the best solution for the job.
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